Write a Resume for Freelancing

Write a Resume for Freelancing

ey guys a welcome back to my BLOG if you guys are new here My name is Brandy and we talk about all things freelancing working remote and creating the life that you want. So right now we’re in a series on how to become a successful freelancer. If you missed last week’s post here is the link.

If however you already have your freelance business up and running maybe you’re struggling to get clients. I highly recommend checking this link. I do offer courses that help people get clients.

So today we are in part 1 of a two-part series on how to create the perfect resumé. So in this specific video, we are going to be covering building our resumé when you are reaching small to medium-sized businesses and you are not I repeat you are not using a third-party website to get those leads. Meaning Viber upper freelancer indeed any one of those. There are one hundred actually have a video for the top 10. This is not a resumé for those types of contract roles. This is a resumé that you would use if you were getting referred to a potential client or if you are reaching out to small to medium-sized businesses either locally or online or through social media. This would be the type of deck or resumé that you would want to send them. And this is the type of resume that I use for all of my prospects. The reason why I use this is that this type of resumé speaks very specific to that prospect.

You are going to want to outline exactly what it is that you do and how you can provide that solution for them and so that is going to reach their goals. So this is very different than a paper resume. You may have heard it call the DEC but this is something that I use instead of a resumé like ninety-nine percent nine percent of the time if I am seeking a contract specific row that I found on LinkedIn and or indeed then I would use a typical paper assignment which we are going to cover in Part 2 next week. All right so now that you know or you understand the differences in those two types their resumes let’s go into it.

So right now we are actually going to be using a tool called Canvas that you see on my screen right now. I do pay twelve dollars a month for this tool but they do have a free option. You are more than welcome to use keynote or PowerPoint so if you do decide to use can but this would be considered a presentation and essentially it’s just going to be a slide.

Slide One

Slow slide one is the introduction side. Who are you? You also want to make this aspirational. So what is it that you are going to do for them. Are you in marketing or are you going to get them more leads? Are you a web developer. Are you going to get more leads to the website that you build? Speak specifically to what it is that you’re helping them with input something aspirational on the cover along with the name of your business or your name whatever it is that your freelance through.

Slide Two

So Slide 2 This is your agenda slide. This is important to give to your prospects because they want to know how long is it going to take them to go through this deck. Most times a deck like this should really only be between six and 10 slides. This one that we’re going through today I think is 10 or 11. It just depends on how much stuff you want to put into it. So this is the agenda. This is where you want to outline each one of the slides that you’re going over and label them according to the title of that slide. Also on this, you want to make sure you have the page numbers or the slide numbers associated with each title so say all they care about are your case studies or who you’ve helped with this goal before they could easily go to that part in your deck and take a look.

Slide Three

So Slide 3 is the introduction to you and your company. So what is it that you specifically do or what is it that your company does and how does it help other clients or other businesses achieve their goals. This is a part where you almost give like your mission statement or what it is that your company is about.

Slide Four

Slide number 4 is going to be your services. Now, this is not going to be all the services that your company provides but this is going to be the services that you specifically are going to offer them. Now in this slide, I don’t like to list a hundred different services like every little thing I like to group them together and really only offer three or four and you can tell by the slide that you’re looking at right now that all my services would fall into one of those three categories and slide number five.

Slide Five

So what results do your services as a freelancer provide for this company? Because you may offer like Web site development or FCO which is great but what are the results at that company is going to see based on those services in Slide 5. It’s so specific to speak in terms that they are going to understand this is why it’s so important to understand that companies’ goals when you are talking with them make sure that you are speaking in terms that they are going to understand and that they can associate with their business.

Slide Six and Seven

OK. Slide number six and 7. These two slides are dedicated to you and your team. This would be many many many resumés about yourself. So who are you. Do you have a degree. How many years have you been doing what you’ve been doing you know what are some sort of stats on your freelance business that you can share with them to make them want to work with you? And if you have any team members that are going to be assisting in this project you would also want to add their mini resumé to this deck as well

Slide Eight and Nine

These are so important. These are your case studies a case study is going to be real examples that you have driven results for your previous or current clients. This is where you shine. This is where you get to brag about you know what clients you have worked with their goals and their objectives for hiring you and the results that they got because they hired you. So if you are somebody that doesn’t have any experience and you’re like I don’t have any case studies to have you could put together what your objective and goals would be for them if they hire you and the results that you could guarantee for them. And this goes a long way trust me because it shows them that you have an understanding of what it is that they are trying to achieve

Slide Ten

This is your cost and price seen. Now, this is super important. Often times people get overwhelmed and they don’t know how much to charge. We will be going overpricing and all that in a later video. But for the time being, you are going to want to calculate how much it’s going to cost you per hour to do said task. Oftentimes I will take what I think I should charge and I will add 10 or 20 percent to it gives it room for negotiation. But on this slide, this is where you are going to specify every single service that you are going to supply for them. This could take two sides depending on how how much or what it is that they’re asking you to do. But this is where you get super specific and the reason why you put this on the cost line is so that they can see everything that you are going to do for them. And it’s better and easier for them to justify the cost that you’re giving them in association with those services.

Slide Eleven

So the last slide is your last impression with them put some sort of motivational quote or singing on how you’re going to help them or you know let’s get more leads or something along those lines so you come off like you’re already on the team. And then at the very bottom or on the slide, you want to have your contact information. This could be the name of your company your phone number or your email and even your address. It really just depends on how much information you want to get but you want to make sure that there is some way for them to contact you.

Happy coding building and creating my friends!

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