Let’s Celebrate Others’ Success

Let’s celebrate each other and our successes. There is enough success in the world for everyone. Next time someone you know accomplishes something great, let them know you are excited for them. Help them celebrate their victory.

4 Reasons to Celebrate Others’ Success

Think for a minute how good it would feel if you were just as happy for another’s success as your own. 



Having genuine joy in your heart for someone is good for mind, body and soul. When you harbor negative thoughts or emotions towards someone, that can cause your body to tense up and cause your mind to become preoccupied with it. This in turns causes you to lack productivity.


Being happy for someone else will also bring you satisfaction. You have to be courageous and selfless to embrace others’ success , this will lead to feeling fulfilled instead of bitter.


Let’s say your friend gets a job at huge tech company. This give you an in at that company. In a few months they may be hiring for a position that you would be perfect for, your friend is going to remember how you treated them when they got the job and might put your name in as a recommendation.  That should be the reason why you celebrate their success but you should think about how your words and actions make others feel.


By seeing other people be successful that can cause us to try to be as successful. Our will inside of us is awakened by their success which in turns drive us. Write down three ways that their success has helped you.  Share their success on social media. Tell your friends and family about, because positivity can spread like wildfire.



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