Production vs. Staging in Life

Often our current production build (job/life) is stable and predictable. That’s good but not very exciting. You want to be part of something that you’re passionate about and truly enjoy! This means using your spare time and weekends to run staging environments (side projects and experiments). Maybe this is building an innovative product or an open source project that you’re particularly passionate about or it is learning a new skill set, so that you can change your job role and responsibilities. It’s the thing that you’re testing and building on the side in a safe place to eventually deploy as your production build (your full time everyday gig).

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Step 1 What’s the what?

What’s the what? — What is that you are trying to do? What is YOUR what? What do you find yourself working on late at night or reading endless blog articles about? Take a few seconds right now to think about that.

Maybe it is business strategies, programming techniques, education … whatever it is, dive a bit deeper with it. What about business strategies is so intriguing to you? What is it about building apps with react native that is so awesome? What is it about these things that makes you want to put in your valuable time learning them?!

Step 2 The WHY behind the what

What is your intention for learning these different skills? What is your why behind setting up your staging environment?

Are you wanting to branch off and start your own business, if so, why? Or are you wanting to expand your knowledge into different areas so you can get a different position at your company or maybe a different role at a different company? Understanding your intention

Step 3 Tell someone!!!

Talk about your dreams and your goals out loud

Step 4 Mentorship

Get guidance about what it is that you are seeking out to do. You can get that in books, podcasts, videos, doesn’t have to be someone you meet with monthly.

Step 5 Shut up!

We, ourselves are the ones that control if we are going to do something or not. We have the ability to make up our minds and go for it. It is up to us to decide if we are going to give in to the questions and doubts or if we are going to prevail and win.

Step 6 Pick ONE thing

If you don’t ever choose something to focus on you wont make any progress. Even if you choose something and it ends up not being quite like you imagined or it fails, that’s okay. This is what your staging environment is for, testing and experimenting on the side.

Step 7 ? ?

Now one important thing to keep in mind when you are picking that one thing is, money.When you get to this phase its about generating revenue and the process you’re going to use to achieve that.

In this phase it’s all about the ABCs, Always Be Closing. Now you may NOT have thought of yourself as a sales man or woman before, but in reality we have all been in the sales game since we were tiny tots.

Anytime you convinced your mom to buy you candy, or got a beautiful someone to go on a date with you, you were selling. You were selling your mom that you would behave better if you only had candy or that you would love her more. You sold, that you were an awesome individual that would enhance the life of the person you were trying to take on a date.

Selling is part of life.

Step 8 Build Armor

When we fail interviews or we have product flops we cant let that get us down. We need to think of it as building armor. When we hear NO or we face these inevitable disappointments we need to learn from it and turn that failed experience into a success.


The last step is repeating this process. If you are able to repeat it, you may be on to something. You keep repeating the process the more your staging envrionemnt
grows and so does your business. And pretty soon you will be able to launch it successfully into prodcuton.

Watch actual presentation below ?

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