Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is something I think we all struggle with from time to time. I know when I was first starting off as a programmer I really struggled with this, and doubted my abilities daily.

I want to share with you ways to shake imposter syndrome when it starts to set in and things you can do daily to make sure it doesn’t come back ⚡. #6 is my favorite and one that really worked for me ☺ but I put at #6 since it might not be for everyone right away.

Ways to BEAT Imposter Syndrome

1. Know that the feeling is normal. Impostor Syndrome is more common than you think. It can effect people in middle school to professionals and Nobel Prize winners. It is something so many of us deal with , so knowing that you are not alone should hopefully help you breathe sigh of relief.

2. Speak positive truths to yourself out loud in front of a mirror every morning. This may sound silly but I can promise you it works.


3. Remind yourself of all the great things you have accomplished from big to small. Whether is was graduating college or getting your first ‘Hello, World’ to appear on your computer screen. Celebrate them ALL ???


4. Talk to a close friend about it. Talking to someone about it can usually help the situation. Make sure they are someone that you trust.


5. Seek out a mentor. This can be online or in person. This can really help when trying to navigate unfamiliar waters and when you are seeking out new endeavors. 


6. Become a mentor or start teaching. This is what I did. I started creating online tutorials on Youtube and it truly helped my self-confidence when it came to programming. When you teach someone else a skill it actually helps you learn it better and understand it more. This is one I highly recommend.


7. Remember none of us know what we are doing. BUT it is the continual effort and not fearing failure that will set you apart. Failure is going to happen and should continue to happen because if it doesn’t that means you aren’t trying anything new. 


8. Create a positivity folder. Every time you get positive or uplifting feedback online, at school or on the job, take a screenshot of it and put it in a folder on your desktop. Then when you start to feel the imposter symptoms coming on, you open up the folder and read about how ammmmazing you are. Because you ARE amazing, and you sometimes you just need a little reminder.   


You all hold a very special place in my heart and I don’t want any of you to think that you can’t do something or let fear and doubt take over. God has created all of you with special talents and abilities. Feed your talents, not your insecurities. ?‍?

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