Kode with Klossy : Helpful or Hurtful?

There has been a lot of controversy around Kode with Klossy online lately due to people posting about it being an all girls camp. They are saying this is hurting the gender gap in tech because the camp doesn’t allow boys. As a female developer I have a hard time understanding the issue with this. Before you bomb the comments with biased opinions please take 2 minutes to read my thoughts on the matter.


From what I can gather from the Kode with Klossy website is that it is a group for girls by girls to learn to code. It empowers them to code and become leaders in tech industry. Now what about that statement is bad? From what I can see, nothing.

Kode With Klossy empowers girls to learn to code and become leaders in tech.

Why is it wrong to give young girls the option to go to an all girl camp to learn to code. Speaking from the experience of having been a young girl, who was bashful and nervous around boys, I would have probably preferred to learn something so challenging with just girls.

I am NOT saying there should only be ‘girls only clubs’ and ‘boys only clubs’. What I am saying is there should be options. If Liam Hemsworth wants to start his own version of Kode with Klossy called ‘Lines with Liam’ and it is just be for boys, would that be wrong? NO. It becomes wrong when it becomes right for one group to do it but not the other, that is where the divide happens. Saying it is not okay for there to be a girls only coding camp is just ridiculous. It isn’t like they are saying there can’t be a boys only club and there can’t be co-ed club. The whole point of the club is to get more young girls interested in tech and programming.

If a little girl feels more comfortable learning to code in an atmosphere of female peers why should that not be an option for her. We are forgetting that these are little girls, that come from all different backgrounds and situations. It is not our job to project our attitudes and our experiences onto them. We all have different experiences and just because you prefer to learn in a certain way doesn’t mean others do as well. Giving kids the option to learn in an environment that is best suited for them is a huge success. And in reality, the goal of all of this, is to get more girls interested in engineering and programming.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter…leave a comment ❤

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