Computer Eye Strain

Computer Eye Strain

he average American spends 11 hours a day on a device consuming some kind of content.* That is almost half a day!! Which means for 660 minutes we are exposing our eyes to screens, and that prolonged exposure may also lead to not only eye strain, but also symptoms like headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and neck/shoulder pain, according to The Vision Council.. As someone who wears glasses pretty much every day, and who spends at least 10 hours a day working at my computer, I know I am exposing my eyes to hurt and strain. I have glasses for computer use, but they only work if I wear my contacts, which is next to never.

I was excited to learn about these BluTech glasses from The Vision Council, especially since the lenses can come with a prescription (if you need it!), and help reduce glare and filter blue light. Getting glasses with lenses like these is a very simple way to take care of your eyes and avoid eye strain. Here a few other tips that The Vision Council recommend when it comes to eye health:

Tips to ease eye strain

  • Take frequent breaks from staring at digital devices
  • When at a computer, position one’s self a full arm’s distance away from the screen
  • Increase font sizes, reduce brightness and sharpen contrast on screens
  • Reduce overhead lighting to eliminate screen glare
  • Annual eye exam with your eye doctor to discuss eye strain

I hope this message opens your eyes (pun intended) to the importance of eye health. I strongly recommend taking a look (I’m so punning) into getting glasses for digital device usage, especially if you are like me and sit in front of the screen a majority of your day. For more information related to digital eye strain check out:[link] Happy coding and building my friends!

*credited to OnePoll/TVC

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