5 Tips For Getting a Software Development Job

5 Tips For Getting a Software Development Job

etting a job as a developer can be as easy or as hard as you make it. These 5 steps are things that I have used in my life to get various development jobs. I really hope you can utilize them in your own life to help get the software job of your dreams.

Become a Master of One

Master one skill at a time. If you are trying to get a job as a developer, become very good at one language and one framework. It is better to be a master of one than know little about some. (that was a supposed to be a catchy rhyme ?) The second part about picking one language and one framework does your research. If you are trying to get a job at a particular company, you should become proficient at their tech stack. It wouldn’t help if you became an expert in C# and .NET if they are a React shop. You would want to know and understand their tech stack to better equip you for getting that job.

Another important thing to think about is what type of development job do you want. Narrow it down and search for jobs descriptions for that particular position. By looking up the job description, you will have a general idea of what they are looking for.

Use Github

Github is an amazing tool and should be utilized by developers who are seeking jobs. Github is a web-based version control system using Git. It is a great tool for source code management. You may be asking yourself, how will this help you get a job? Github allows you to simply share your profile link with potential employers, which allows them to see your public repositories that highlight your amazing work.

The first interview I EVER had for an internship at a development firm, I was only asked for my Github link. They literally pulled up my repositories on the big screen in the room and had me explain my code line by line. At that moment I realized a few things that are key to having an amazing Github. Comment your code, have a Readme with instructions on how to run the project, use commit messages like notes to self about what you did and get rid of any commented out code.

Go To Meetups

This goes back to the saying, your network is your net worth. You build your network by networking. Go to meetups and talk with other developers. Most of the time these meetups are sponsored by companies seeking developers or recruitment companies looking for developers. Regardless it is a great way to put yourself in front of the companies in your city that is hiring.

The other important aspect of going to meetups and meeting people is that when you form a relationship with someone, and let’s say a job opportunity comes up at their company. Who do you think they would recommend? Probably the cool coder they met at a meetup. Relationships matter. Go to meetups and interact genuinely with the people there.

Get Experience

Experience is something that every developer NEEDS. And you get that experience by DOING. There are two types of experience that companies look for. The first is the actual programming experience. You can easily get this by getting an internship, using freelance websites, and building projects on your own. The other type of experience that they are looking for is your team experience. How well does Brandy work with others? This is huge! So don’t overlook it.

A great way to get team experience is by creating a project and asking other communities members to join. Even if you only get one other person to help, you still have to establish rules and guidelines for the project and exercise proper communication techniques. If you are unable to find anyone to join the project, the next tip will be useful.

Join Online Communities

If you are unable to physically go to meetups, join online communities. There are many many Slack groups that you can join to talk with other developers and industry experts. I just created one the other week and we already 200+ members from all over the world. Feel free to join our community: http://msbrandymorgan.com/slack-group/

Besides slack groups there are Facebook groups, you can join and network with other industry professionals. Being part of these communities means joining in on conversations, giving advice and communicating professionally. These groups often post job listings and if you are an engaged community member you have a good shot at getting that opportunity versus someone that is just submitting a resume.

Get a job today!!


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